Our general conditions of sale govern only our sales, excluding the client’s general conditions of purchase and any other document issued by him. The dispositions figuring in it are lawfully
can¬celled and without formality. Taking possession of the goods implies the acceptance of our conditions. In the same way, any new order shall be situated in this legal framework.


Any order must give the name of the client, date, product, quantities and prices.
The buyer’s order is deemed as final after his acceptance by the seller and this, by telephone, telex, fax or any other form of communication.
Orders made out by the client are under his responsibility, as he alone knows the final use of the product and the conditions of use of which we are in all cases deemed to be unaware. For order
from documentation provided on CD-ROM or paper, the information, images, photographs or manuals are given for information and are liable to be modified by manufacturers between two editions
or to misprints. This information does not take the place of checking the manufacturer’s references. It is necessary to contact us in case of doubt.


In case of change in the buyer’s situation, especially in case of his death, bankruptcy, liquidation of goods, dissolution or modification of his company, we keep the right, even after partial fulfilment
of an order, to require guarantees or cancel the rest of the orders not yet delivered.


The deliveries are made with the manufacturers’ tolerances on all characteristics relevant to the product, especially the dimensions and thicknesses. The buyer, being aware of this principle, must
check the suitability of the product for his needs before any installation.
Our goods, even sent free of charge, are transported at the risks and perils of the addressee who must, in case of dispute, make all reserves with the transporters on receiving the goods. These
reserves must be confirmed by registered mail within three days of reception (article 105 of the Code of Commerce). Each of our deliveries is deemed to be done in fulfilment of the distinct
contract. In no case may a plurality of deliveries constitute a continuous contract. The dimensions and weight indicated on our price lists, catalogues, invoices and notes have only an information
value and may not be disputed on delivery of the goods.


The delivery times are respected as much as possible, but are given only as information and without the seller’s guarantee. Delays may in no case justify cancelling the order or payment of any
compensation by the seller.
Claims not made by registered mail within eight days of the date of receiving the goods shall not be accepted.
All events affecting the seller, his suppliers or services, with or without the juridical characteristics of force majeure or fortuitous cases such as, especially, any stoppage of work, lock-out, war,
flooding, fire, material accident, total or partial penury of products or services, occurring in the premises of the seller or his suppliers and impeding the fulfilment of all or a part of the order by the
seller, lawfully suspend, and without formality, the seller’s obligations, and his liability is lawfully cleared.


Our prices extend for the net cash payment on reception of the invoice, save contrary written stipulation. Our invoices are payable at our head office. Our Company keeps ownership of the sold
goods until effective payment of the whole price. Default of payment may require the buyer to return the goods at his risks and perils. These dispositions do not stand in the way of the transfer to
the buyer of risks of loss and deterioration of goods sold as of their delivery. The buyer shall assume all legal costs following contentious action. Any invoice or statement not paid in time shall be
increased by delay interest calculated at the rate of three times the legal interest rate, increased by 2 points. Furthermore, there will be a fixed charge of 40 Euros to cover collection costs (article
D441-5 of the French commercial code). Default of payment of an order shall authorize use to suspend dispatches and make the value of special products that are ordered, available or being
manufactured payable. Default of payment by the limit date makes all other current debts immediately payable and gives right to the seller to recover non-paid goods.
In case of recovery by way of litigation, the sums owed to the seller shall be lawfully increased by 15% as compensation, not including any duty and tax.


Our prices are those in force at the time of reception of the order for an immediate delivery. Our prices are ex-works, unless we otherwise agree in writing. Our company keeps the right to change
its prices and rates without advance notice.


We guarantee the quality of our equipment against any latent manufacturing fault for the length of use recommended by the manufacturer and in all circumstances for a maximum of 12 months
from its delivery date, provided the conditions below are fulfilled.
The guarantee is immediately and completely void if use is not in keeping with technical specifications, or if the customer modifies, repairs or has repaired the supplied or repaired goods without
our consent. Before the installation a visual check is compulsory to verify similarity with the changed filter. Any visible fault is lawfully covered by reception without reserve of the seller’s goods.
After the installation of a new filter, the sealing qualities and the good working of the motor must be checked.
The seller shall not be responsible for the use and/or for special conditions of uses of the goods as soon as he will not have been informed of such subjection in writing in the order.
Our guarantees, of whatever nature, are strictly limited, before assembly, only to replacement of filters recognized to be defective, and after assembly to the reparation of material or bodily harm
directly occurring the result of a latent defect in the product supplied, excluding any claim of an immaterial, indirect or subsequent nature.
The buyer has to prove the latent defect. Advice of the accident must reach our company immediately after the occurrence of the accident. The filter complained must be sent to our premises
within 15 days accompanied by a sample of oil.


HIFI is a registered trademark, and the HIFI group is understood as the companies holding and/or directly selling the HIFI brand except the retailers. These general conditions apply in our
com¬pany as in all the companies of our group and mentioned in our documentation and invoices. Manufacturer is understood to mean industrial companies that make filters for our group before
our brand is attached to them.


Any legal action or informal claim based on a hidden fault in the delivered product and directly concerning the quality of manufacture of the sold product must be directed against the manufac
turer of the aforementioned product and his insurer. It is only in case of his failure that action may be taken against a company of the HIFI group and its insurer, according to the conditions of
liabilities described in article 8. In case of failure to respect this article 10, expenses committed for our defence (notably Lawyers, experts, bailiffs) as well as possible conviction on the basis of
article 700 of the NCPC must be entirely paid to us.


French law governs only the sales of our company, expressly excluding the Convention of Vienna for international sales of goods and excluding any rules of conflict of law or other regulation
subject to cause the application of any dispositions other than French law. Our terms and conditions are translated as accurately as possible. However, the French version alone is contractually
applicable, particularly in the event of a difference in interpretation.
Any dispute relating to our goods or their payment are exclusively under the competence of the Tribunal under whose jurisdiction the headquarters of our company are placed, as for the case of a
plurality of defendants or appeal in guarantee. Any taking of an order implies acceptance without reserve of these general conditions. These shall not be modified by contrary conditions appearing
on the client’s order forms or in the general conditions.
If for any reason whatsoever, one of these clauses should be declared inapplicable, this shall not affect the application of the other clauses of the terms and conditions, the clause considered
inapplicable being in such a case replaced by a clause that is as similar as possible in its effects as the original one.


Our H-AIR FILTER product range has technical filtration features measured on a filtration test bed and not according to a predetermined usage or form of motor transport. Therefore, our products
have to be mechanically adapted. Such adaptations have to be approved by a professional and may need to be certified for a land-based motor vehicle for use on roads open to traffic (on-road).
The maintenance conditions recommended in the instruction manuals accompanying our products must be complied with in order to avoid damaging the product or affecting the performances
as described in the technical characteristics.
We cannot under any circumstances be held liable for failure to comply with the above conditions or damages resulting from incorrect use, a non-certified modification or racing, competition,
off-road, nautical, aerial or industrial use.